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04/22/2012 08:49

The fact that the world is round is a good thing. But if 'round' is a word that can be used to describe your physique, it's certainly not a good thing! If you are obese, you are probably looking to get in shape because life is tough for people who are fat and you probably have a fair idea of what the problems are. But the good news is that you can start losing weight right at home!Attempting to lose weight requires desire, basic equipment and a trainer. Your inherent drive to change your physical condition for the better is the bedrock on which you can build a successful weight loss regime. And this zeal to get to in shape should be constant until you meet your fitness targets.To get the best out of your home workouts get a personal trainer to guide you. In case you are intimidated by large gyms (which might be one of the reasons you want to exercise at home) a personal trainer can be your only alternative. There is no need to feel shy about your obesity because it is a one on one session you are having, with no onlookers. This can help you focus better on training.And if you find it too expensive to have a trainer for a long time, you can learn what to do and then discontinue his services. A few months with an expert can be enough to learn exercises and weight loss secrets, which you may then continue on your own.But even if you have a burning desire to lose weight and also a trainer who is really good, you may need to invest in some exercise equipment. This additional expense is perhaps a downside of working out at home, but then you can't help it. The following equipment can help you lose weight effectively and also will not require you to empty your wallet.1. Recumbent bikes. These bikes provide you support while exercising. Being overweight you may need a bike that's made specifically for obese people. Another alternative is the new recumbent cross trainer, which allows you to work your upper as well as lower body without putting a lot of strain on your joints. This bike is a tad expensive though.2. Exercise ball. These inflated balls are a fitness craze nowadays. You can find them in any gym and most trainers use them to train their clients. An exercise ball can help you work on your body balance, stability and abdominal strength. There are a host of exercises you can do with a ball and thus it can be a really good investment.3. Pedometer. A pedometer can help you walk your way to fitness, quite literally. If you like to walk, a pedometer can help you track your progress accurately.Ask your trainer to create a weight training program around these basic equipments. As you progress you can purchase more fitness equipment and expand the range and quality of your workouts. If you this, you will find that exercise at home can be enough to beat obesity forever.  Details at Best Personal Trainer Huntley IL