Brentwood CA Child Care

01/23/2013 23:36

The dollar store can be one of a child care center operator's best friends, as many daycare professionals have discovered. When you need an emergency supply of paper goods or gloves because you forgot to order from your regular source, you can pick up enough at the dollar store to tide you over.When you need inexpensive toys or small gifts for birthdays or seasonal parties, those are available as well. More at Brentwood CA Child Care. And many such stores carry an item that a daycare director can use to produce a fun, healthy snack. Small plastic molds - along with craft sticks (popsicle sticks) from a hobby store - give the child care center the makings for "juice pops."The recipe calls for 100 percent fruit juice, a menu staple at most daycares because of its nutritional value. Fill the mold with juice, add a craft stick and place the mold in the freezer. The following day, the children can enjoy juice pops.These are especially popular as the weather grows warmer and children play outside more. When they get thirsty, a California daycare director reports, the kids start clamoring for "More juice pops!" Parents appreciate the fact that their children are getting a 100 percent juice treat instead of a sugary snack.Juices in rich colors, such as fruit punch, make good juice pops. But clearer colors help prevent the telltale "juice moustache." Either way, juice pops are healthy fun.Next time you're in the dollar store, take a look around. No doubt there are many other fun ideas for children, just waiting to be discovered.    Click here for more details.