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05/31/2012 23:46

When it comes to style for men there are a few staples of a man's wardrobe which have become impossible to live without. There are the obvious things such as ties and smart, well-shined shoes which are often essential for some jobs and formal parties and then, for the very formal parties, weddings and special events other items such as cufflinks are vital. More at buy ageless male. Personalised cufflinks and monogrammed handkerchiefs along with luggage embroidered with a man's initials or family crest all hark back to a bygone era when men were more debonair and distinguished and you can recapture that sense of chic sophistication by giving personalised cufflinks as gifts.If one of your male friends or relatives doesn't have a pair of cufflinks, some personalised cufflinks could make a brilliant, thoughtful present. Usually, personalised cufflinks have the man's initials engraved on to them, making them more meaningful, thoughtful and of course, more personal. They come in a few different designs and look classy and a little bit romantic.They're great to give to a best man and male friends for a wedding, but also make lovely romantic presents on Valentine's Day and birthdays when you need something a bit more sentimental and stylish. Surprisingly, personalised cufflinks can be very affordable too!The History of MonogrammingAlong with personalised cufflinks, handkerchiefs and everything else we've mentioned comes the sense that they're extraordinary and ageless, but they actually have a very rich history. Originally, monograms were used by royalty and people of very high stature. They would be embroidered on to the curtains of horse drawn carriages to denote which members of British nobility were sat within as the carriage trundled down cobbled streets.They have always been seen as a sign of class and high status so both the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks used them on coins to identify the rulers who were pictured. Throughout the Middle Ages skilled craft people and artists would sign their finished work with a personal monogram too; this made monograms synonymous with both wealth and class but also with creativity.Throughout the Victorian era (and especially in England) monograms became incredibly popular with the upper classes and everything from bed linen and towels to lockets worn by wealthy ladies (and of course personalised cufflinks worn by wealthy men) featured them. There were a few simple rules for monograms back then and they were somewhat different to what is referred to as a monogram today.In the Victorian era a monogram would be more ornate than they tend to be these days and initials would often interlock or entwine. Now, simple bold initials can often be colloquially referred to as a monogram, although some engravers might dispute that and say they are technically a 'cipher' instead. During Queen Victoria's rule female monograms had the first initial of the woman's name on the left and her middle initial on the right with her surname's initial shown larger in-between them.Usually male monograms would have the first, middle and last initials all the same size, but even at the time some variations on both these standards were popular too. For married couples, the woman's first initial would usually be on the right whilst her partner's would be on the left and their then, joint surname's initial would be larger and placed in the centre. Since then, how monograms are laid out has varied widely. Sometimes they're arranged traditionally and very ornately and other times they're more modern and simple.Equally, how and where they're used has developed throughout the years and you can now even buy customised car interiors with monogrammed leather seats!Choosing GiftsIf you're choosing gifts then the three simplest and most elegant monogrammed presents out there have to be handkerchiefs, towels and personalised cufflinks. Handkerchiefs are useful for handing to someone who has become upset so that you can comfort them, towels would be used every single day by the receiver and personalised cufflinks play their part at those once in a lifetime functions such as weddings and christenings!All three are inexpensive too, with personalised cufflinks available for under 20, handkerchiefs are priced similarly and monogrammed towels typically cost between 25 and 70 each.Effortless StyleJust as monogrammed items exuded class in the Victorian period, they still do today and by having monogrammed towels in your home or personalised cufflinks as part of your outfit you make a statement about your taste.Discerning people choose to personalise their own possessions and the gifts they buy for others and by getting someone a gift which has their initials engraved or embroidered in to it, you highlight the fact that it was chosen especially for them, because you love them and wanted to give them something unique.    Visit this website for details.