Cheap Living Blog

04/19/2012 23:26

A big part of  living cheap is getting a handle on your clothing costs. You can look great and spend 1/10 or less of what other spend on clothing... we know we've done it for years.If you are not shopping at Goodwill, clothing consignment shops, or thrift shops you are wasting money on clothes.My wife has a Thursday morning ritual, that includes being at the Goodwill store as soon as they open 9 AM... Why?  Because Thursdays is dollar day at our Goodwill. She not only buys for herself and husband, she buys items of clothing for a dollar which we donate, through church groups,  to the needy both here and in Mexico.A lot of the items that she buys for one dollar, are brand-new, with the tags.  She gets compliments weekly at church where she serves coffee before service.  When ladies comment," where did you get that lovely outfit?", the jaws drop when she says cost $2-$3. depending on the outfit.Are all of our clothes purchased at Goodwill? No, occasionally we will buy from clothing outlet stores.  Where we live in Phoenix, almost all of the clothes I wear to play golf are purchased at outlet stores.  Sometimes the shirts are plain, sometimes they will have logos, all are brand-new and cost from 10 to 25% of retail.Living cheap and saving on clothes has become a habit for us... Once you find a real bargain, like a new pair of slacks for dollar, you will be hooked as well.  Then you get to chuckle when people compliment you on your clothes and you tell them what you first they may not believe you.Living cheap and looking great does not have to cost a lot of money.     Details at Cheap Living Blog