funny blogs

07/15/2012 20:58

If you aren't familiar with blogs in general, you probably think they are all alike. While the idea behind blogs is the same, there are a few different derivatives to consider. There are micro blogs, picture blogs, politic blogs, funny blogs - a variety of blogs here to choose from. Within this article, however, we are going to analyze the different benefits of picture blogs when compared to standard written blogs. Read more at funny blogs. Do pictures really speak louder than words? Or is the permanence of the written word really the most powerful? Let's take a closer look.You probably need to know what picture blogs are in order to compare them, right? Well, in essence they are like regular social blogging sites, but they are accompanied by one more aspect, photos. Rather than typing responses for questions or comments, the members of the community posts pictures or videos. This brings anything that would have been said to a visual level, thereby adding an element to the conversation. However, there are some things that a picture can neither say, nor imply. That is where this great debate begins its development.For one, picture blogs are not exclusively images. There are captions with most photos that allow the publisher to further explain the image. The captions are often funny one-liners or interesting facts that may not otherwise be stated. In that regard, the lack of words in a picture blog gets some relief. However, what about the times when a comment needs to be a long discussion? Heated debates are hard to do with pictures alone. What happens then? Perhaps it is all a matter of topics. If a topic is great for discussion, chances are it should be displayed on a standard written blog. If instead it is just a matter of humor or something random to share with the world, picture blogs are the way to go.In short, you decide what you do and don't like about picture blogs. They may be funny at times, but if you're in the mood for deep thinking, you might want to seek that elsewhere. Nevertheless, boredom is something that we all have to go through, and it's nice that someone came up with a concept that allows people to see thoughts, rather than read them. Browsing through picture blogs is much easier than browsing through written blogs. There's nothing wrong with using both, so maybe therein lies the answer. As long as you're happy with a site, who cares what's better?   For details, check out this great website.