get twitter followers cheap

04/07/2012 15:11

As an Internet marketer, targeted traffic is key to my success. How one gets traffic to his web page does matter. It's one thing to get a good product to sell and it's another thing to be able to drive traffic to the product sale page.  However, driving traffic to the page is not really the case. How relevant the traffic is to the product is what makes the difference. A used car seller evidently is not very interested in visitors looking computer accessories as these people will soon close the site and move to the next.Targeted Traffic RetweetingAs there are many paid and free traffic services online today, I personally use Twitter's Retweeting feature. This is an excellent feature that enables me take my affiliate links to the profiles of other Twitter users in exchange for something. One particular thing I like about retweeting is that it does not depend on the number of followers I have to function. Even with zero followers, you can still retweet.Retweeting on Twitter and Twitter ApplicationsMany Twitter applications make it possible to retweet. Some are specifically designed to retweet. What happens is that you set your message and others retweet to their profile in exchange of some payments. This is particularly interesting as with a little or no fee, your can set your message and watch it pushed to the profiles of others. This is basically a great way to get cheap targeted traffic.What to RetweetThere is no limit as to what kind of information can be retweeted. You should only be careful not to cast your followers away by retweeting irritating materials. On the other hand, you can set your message including your affiliate links, blog post, web page, YouTube videos links, etcRetweeting as the main source of trafficThis is like using Twitter as the main traffic source. Yes, this can produce desired results. For a couple of weeks now, I have been using this as the main source of cheap targeted traffic and the results have been encouraging. The key advantage here is that you don't have to do any SEO hard work or write some long articles. All you need is the appropriate retweeting Twitter applications. What I do is grab my affiliate links, shorten it using and post them to my retweeting applications.  I also write friendly messages to encourage members to retweet. If you sound like a robot, you will not get good results. Details at get twitter followers cheap