Hair extension in Birmingham

07/05/2012 19:40

Extensions for hair may take a long time to apply, but they don't require too much time to maintain. Follow these tried-and-true tips to make your extensions reach their full potential. The better you treat your extensions, the longer they'll last before needing to be replaced.Shampooing• The cleaner your hair, the longer your extensions will last. Check out Hair extension in Birmingham for more information. Shampoo at least every other day to maintain clean hair and extensions.• Clean hair won't tangle easily. Make sure to always shampoo after exercising or swimming.• Brush your (hair) to remove tangles before washing it.• Slowly add water to your (hair) instead of dousing your head all at once. Too much water all at once will make your extensions for hair swell and tangle.• Wash hair in a downward motion, starting at the scalp and working down to the ends.• After showering, apply a leave-in conditioner to soften locks. Don't apply it too liberally, though. Too much product will cause buildup.Brushing• Use a brush with soft bristles on your extensions.• Brush in a downward motion, starting at the ends and working your way to your scalp.• Brush your (hair) gently and don't tug too hard. Easily work out tangles instead of pulling on your extensions for hair. Broken ends and ripped extensions will make your hair look ratty.• Brush your (hair) up to three times every day to remove tangles. Brush it every morning upon waking and every evening.Styling• Heat isn't particularly good for hair extensions, especially synthetic extensions. Avoid excessive heat on all types of extensions.• The more heat styling you use, the shorter your extensions will last. Just like with regular hair, heat styling will zap your extensions of moisture.• Limit the use of blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons on your (hair).• Let your hair and extensions dry naturally whenever you can.Additional Maintenance• When swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool, try to keep your head out of the water as much as possible. If you have to get your hair wet, tie your hair into a ponytail and wear a swimming cap.• Don't go to bed if your hair is still wet or damp. Sleeping on wet hair will promote tangling. Instead, let your hair dry completely and either wrap your head with a scarf or tie it back before heading to bed.• Don't color treat your own hair if you have extensions. Leave all hair treatments to a professional.  Visit here for details.