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An equity release loan basically lets you get money that wouldn't otherwise be available from your house or home. There's actually a lot of money just sitting inside your house. Properly done, it can be used as a lump sum or a monthly source of money, especially for people who do not have consistent income but are in their retirement age. More details at This can help people gain access to money that they really need to get their monthly budget in order. There are many ways to get access to this money, though it is suggested that you utilize an equity release calculator to figure out what you can afford.It remains a big decision. It is still something that affects your home and its value.Using the calculator you can check whether or not you can actually avail yourself of a plan from a company and how much you can actually release. This has the nice side effect of telling you whether it would be worth it or not. For example, you may find that even with a release of funds that you won't have enough money for your attempted venture or expense, which can tell you that you may need to do something else.The Calculator can help youThe first step is always finding out how far you can go. An equity release calculator goes a long way towards letting you know just how far you can go. It is like figuring out whether or not you can go to a place using your car, for example. Naturally, it isn't the only thing you should do - financial advisors are still definitely required, but meetings with them can be extremely expensive. This is a free method of figuring out whether you should consult with them in the first place.The calculator itself varies from site to site but is generally very easy. They usually have clearly marked fields that tell you what kind of information you need to input. You just need to fill in these fields to see whether or not you qualify for a release and if you do just how much you could stand to get out of your property by utilising such an equity release scheme.There are things to think about even if you manage to qualify for this tax-free money. For example, this will naturally affect any inheritances you plan on leaving behind, as well as any related benefits that you intend on claiming. You are, in effect, borrowing from your future and thus you must act as if you are and treat the application with the care and respect it deserves.An equity release can directly affect your family members, both those of your age and those you may leave behind. While it could release you a lot of money, this remains a decision that should not be taken lightly. This link has more details.