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04/22/2012 07:46

As the people believe that the iPad is best-suited for watching videos and checking Facebook and Twitter. But when we considering their light weight, good screen size, generous battery life and functional interface, we will want to take something into consideration. Whether we do real work on this moving PC? Of course the answer is yes!       In this article, we put the most popular business iPad apps to the test to see how they perform. We looked at the following iPad apps:    

  Documents   Ranked #1 in 40 country, this is the ultimate free mobile office app. It allows you to edit and manage spreadsheet and text files-¦ while not as robust as most paid office suites for the iPad 2, this is a very good alternative and works both online and offline. The best thing about it is the option to synchronize files to your Google Documents account and then be able to open your files on PC or Mac.      Skype   With travels and oversees clients, I've found Skype to be the industry standard for connecting on the cheap. Just think that how big your phone bill would be if you had to take an hour long international conference call. No thanks. Everyone has Skype now days and it's easy as pie to use. Better yet, it's free.      Note: if you are use the ipad to play movies in the meeting, you can see this that help you how to transfer movies to ipad 2.You can take this as reference.       Keynote  Keynote is a very good alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint for this ipad.It lets you create world class presentations with animated charts and transitions with the tap and touch of your finger. It also supports projector, could be very useful if you are presenting to a large audience.      FileApp  One major omission from the iOS software is a proper file manager. Luckily, this app provides this very basic function in a simplistic and easy to use way. Quickly read images, PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynotes), Open Documents, Plain Text, Rich Text, Audio, Video, Web archives, HTML, ZIP, etc. It's very useful.      If you don't work with images, tables or charts then creating documents won't a problem. It is a big issue, you can see this how to transfer photos from ipad to mac. For example, if your customer sends you a beautifully formatted Word document complete with tables and images, you may be concerned that you can't see them.      If you are really ipad music fans, you will like this post where can we find best free music download sites.It can help you through happy day.     Check out IT apps for details.