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04/16/2012 07:44

You should know by now that as an entertainer, you sometimes feel like a commodity to be sold in the market for the highest price. You have to be packaged in such a way that will be attractive to the public in order to entice them to fan you.Is my talent not enough, you may ask?Think of it like this...Would you be enticed to buy a rich, creamy chocolate bar that is wrapped in old dirty newspaper?NO WAY! (Unless that't the niche you're in.)Branding yourself as a musician will help you cement your stand in industry. It will tell the people what you've got and what you can do as an artist.To top it all, branding will define the rockstar qualities in you.For you further enlightenment on branding, here are the ten things that will help you brand yourself and your music in a way that will be like a new fan magnet.Let's get started...1. Tell your storyStart branding yourself as a musician by telling your story. Most people want to hear a story that flows along the line of Cinderella's. You know, the of rags to riches kind or something that starts from having a dream which comes true after unexpected twists and turns. You might say that you were just a sales clerk who rich customers snarled at, and that you kept on dreaming of becoming a star until the big break came. If your life before stardom has not been that dramatic, find some points where there was some sort of misfortune and zero in on that. In other words, magnify and elaborate on it. These kind of stories are not just fairy tales, they also inspire people and make them hold on to their dream or at least, encourage them to dream.Just don't mention you talked to mice and birds like Cinderella...or have a golden slipper. You might just shoo your fans and potential followers away with your evil stepmothers broom2. Be an original and a natural voiceOne of the best ways to generate admiration from the public is your voice, not just your singing voice, but your blogging voice that resonates with originality, simplicity and innateness. Tell what you can tell about yourself or your craft. But make sure that whatever comes out of your mouth is real and original and not copied from other artists.3. Honesty is still the best policyWhen your manager or PR firm sends out press releases, make sure that what the public is told about you should is true. If you think that it's OK to deceive the people in order to get them to buy your record or watch your concert, drop it. Remember, this is the Internet age where nothing can be concealed from the eyes and thoughts of the people. When the public finds out that you have lied to them, they will definitely change their mind about you and stop patronizing your music and you as an artist. In the same way, be as honest as you can be when interviewed. If you think the questions are too personal or will scandalize your private life keep quite, but never lie!4. Know who you are and what you can giveIf you have a soft voice suited for love songs, don't push yourself to be a rockstar. While it's true that versatility is one way to keep yourself afloat in the music industry, you have to focus on what you do best first before venturing into a different genre.5. Be virtually presentThere is no denying that the world got smaller as technology expanded (and continues to expand). The Internet has been a platform for many people to be noticed, including musicians. One of the best ways to be virtually present is to have your own website or if not, your own music blog where you can keep your followers posted with what's happening with you no matter how big or trivial the info may be. And of course, there is Twitter and Facebook that allow the fans to communicate with you.6. Sell thyselfWhile it helps to keep your feet on the ground despite whatever achievements you have, it won't kill you if you talk about them and be labelled with them. It's far, far better than talking with false humility. After all, you worked hard to get where you are so celebrate it.But let me remind you: there's a thin line between being proud and being arrogant.7. Prove yourself in the virtual worldWhile it's flattering to have labels such as "Grammy-Winner" or "Oscar-Nominated", the proof of a musician is no longer limited to the statuettes, trophies and TV ratings they earn. With the Internet as the platform, the battle for supremacy has gotten high tech as well. The more clicks, views and likes a website/music blog site has, the more it cements the fame and bankability of a musician. So, how do you achieve this as a musician?Improve the music/blog content of your website, increase its Google Love and update frequently.8. The power of two...or moreMusical collaborations have become more and more common these past few years whether on stage or on records. Let's take the case of Lady Gaga and Beyonce for instance who performed side by side via the song "Telephone".You can easily do the same thing on a smaller scale if you find a similar artist and share your audience with them.9. You're the bossYou know what they say about success of musicians and actors? It's not just talent it's also about timing. You've got to have that gut feeling if a project is good for you or not. While basically you make a decision along with your manager, in the end it's you who call the shots. Will a particular song suit your vocal stylings and your image as an artist? Will it be a perfect time for you to hold a major concert? You don't have to jump at every opportunity that comes your way. It's still best to weigh things in order to come up with the best that you can offer.10. Laser target your brandingNo matter how appealing and talented you are, if you are sold in the wrong market, nothing will happen.If you are a block of ice, you should be sold in Alaska.If you sound like Justin Bieber, find out where his fans hang out.If your forte is heavy metal rock music, will it be wise to market you to those aging 60 and up?So, determine your market and direct all your musical firepower on them.     Check out mixtape promotion