novelty gifts

08/17/2012 01:27

What, exactly, are novelty gifts? The dictionary defines "novelty" as the state of being new or novel; newness; a new product; an innovation; a small mass-produced trinket. I think of novelty gifts as theme-of-interest gifts. They can be just about anything and related to a very broad subject or a very focused one. Novelty gifts are not your standard household items. They are specialty items in a specific subject. It is an item you will find in only a few homes.How many times have you walked into someone's home and in one or more of the rooms, it was obvious that a specific theme was going on? Their bathroom was decorated in different shades of pink. For details, please visit novelty gifts. You stayed in a guest bedroom that reminded you of "The Knights of the Round Table". It felt like you were in a palace and afraid to touch anything! It's obvious the person decorating has specific interests, whether it's a color, special feel, specific flower, a sport or famous actor. Each of these interests can have special novelty gifts associated with it. Maybe a facial tissue box in burgundy trimmed in gold filigree would be appropriate in the knight room. In the pink bathroom, they might like a pink bath robe hanging on the back of the door or a big pink daisy hanger. What if you know your host loves sports but also likes to play cards? You can probably find a deck of cards with his favorite sports star featured on them. Knowing the interests of the giftee makes all the difference in finding novelty gifts for them.A candle lighter disguised as a western six shooter would be of interest to someone who loves western movies or room décor and gun enthusiasts. It would also be of interest to someone who collects candle or cigarette lighters. Animal and plant carvings are great novelty gifts for gardeners, bird watchers and, possibly, hikers especially if they serve a useful purpose, but if it was carved into a candle, it would appeal to a person who loves candles, too. What if you could find a back scratcher made to look like a movie film strip? That would be a popular gift! A photo frame of this type already exists. Although many novelty gifts can be found in ordinary shopping places, some can only be found at big events.You go to the Olympics and want to bring home a souvenir. Post cards, shot glasses, t-shirts, jackets and lots of other stuff will bear the Olympics emblem. All these items are novelty gifts. Football games have jerseys, window decals, horns, hoodies, t-shirts and mugs for sale, all with your favorite team's logo. Band concerts, motorcycle races, chili cookoffs, state fairs and many more offer similar items for sale. With the exception of your close friends, you will only see these at your house (or giftee's house) because they are not everyday household items.Just pay attention to the person you might purchase a gift for and keep a keen eye out for the unusual. You will be able to find something for a friend or yourself. If you are a sports nut or know someone who is, you will find many novelty gifts at Even though many might seem to be standards, try to think of someone you know who already has one. That's partially why they are novelty gifts.   Check out this cool website for more details.