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This place is stunningly rich in natural beauty. Ancient rocky coves and the stunningly rich landscape make Salou the most preferred tourist place for those who want to spend their holiday on the beach. More details at Salou Even if you visit for a day, you will certainly extend your stay by at least three days - that is Salou.What is so unique about Salou?Theme park:Salou is proud of its biggest theme park. This theme park has five divisions like China, Mexico, Polynesia, Far East and the Mediterranean. The China division has the renowned Dragon Khan which is the biggest roller coaster of Europe. The main feature of this Coaster is that it has eight loops, the loops move at an angle of 360 degrees. This Coaster is considered to be among the safest in the world.The beach:The Salou beach has a history dating back to the Greeks and the Roman Empire. History says that starting from the year 1229; various rulers used Salou as their base to start offensive actions against the neighboring provinces. This prompted archbishop to construct a defense tower which is called Torre Vella. Port Aventura is an important port for lovers of water sports. Of course there is provision for other sports like cycling, golf, horse riding, etc. The beach has some of the most fascinating coves in the world.Aquopolis Water Park:Just about five minutes drive at a distance of about six kilometers from the resort is this water park which your children will certainly enjoy. Beware; children will be reluctant to come back soon. Such are the entertainment facilities available for kids.Universal Studio Park:This can be called the Disney land of Salou. Located on the beach of Aventura, this Studio Park is always the first preference of those who love nature. This studio park attracts large number of visitors every day.Hinterland:The hinterland has many wine yards, almond and olive groves. Apart from this, there are many castles and churches.  Check my website for details.