short sale orange county

08/17/2012 01:14

Finding an OC shortsale Realtor out in that part of the Golden State (Orange County) might be necessary when a homeowner is suddenly confronted with the loss of a job and a mortgage payment that may be too high and no way to refinance it. The current economic environment in California and all over the nation is tough, these days, and many an owner is hurting.Some of these owners may have also taken out an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) that is now readjusting upwards, leading to the situation where the new monthly payment is now hundreds or thousands of dollars more per month than it once was. Combine that with the fact that the housing market in many areas in the state has crashed - leading to the home now being worth less than is owed on it - and one can see how serious the situation is. short sale orange county for more. Fortunately, there are a number of good OC shortsale Realtor professionals - all of whom belong to the National Association of Realtors, the real estate sales industry's largest professional organization -- who can help. These real estate experts have training and experience in helping a person sell his or her home "short, " meaning that the sale will be for less than what is owed on the property.In any event, in order to be able to engage in a shortsale, the owner is going to need to obtain permission from the bank or other financial institution that's holding the lien on the home. Because many a bank is now sitting on literally millions of dollars of foreclosed homes, and don't want even more of such homes, the chances are fairly good that such permission will be given.The homeowner and the Realtor, before approaching the bank to ask for shortsale, will need to obtain a new appraisal of the property. The appraiser will examine the local area where the home is sited and compare it with similar properties and then deliver a report that lets the homeowner know how much the home would be worth in the current market in Orange County.The chances are also fairly good, for example, that a home that was once worth 600, 000 dollars may now only have a market price of around 300, 000 dollars or so. This is a sad situation, but a shortsale can be a way to avoid the much more serious event of foreclosure. A bank would always prefer to get something for the house rather than much of nothing, after all.Additionally, an OC shortsale Realtor can assist the homeowner in getting the house ready for sale and do all the marketing and advertising of the property in order to try to sell it quickly. Any fee or commission the Realtor charges are usually taken off the final sales price of the home, and are normally paid at the closing.Tough economic circumstances have left many homeowners in a situation where a job has been lost and a mortgage can no longer be afforded. Additionally, refinancing into a new fixed-rate (with lower interest) mortgage may not be possible if the homeowner has no current employment. That's why a shortsale Realtor can be a vital assistant in getting out from under such an environment.  Visit this site for more.