snook fishing

04/13/2012 15:10

As one of the most explosive fish out there, the snook is a lot of fun to catch. This is actually one of the contributing factors to this particular fish's great reputation among anglers. That was actually a modest accusation because this fish can give any fisherman a thrill when hooked, but how do you catch them? Where do you fish for a snook? These are some great questions that many people have and that I would like to answer in this article.Snook are most often found in the bays - take Tampa Bay for instance. The Tampa area is a great area to look and fish for snook. To be even more specific, try fishing some of the many inlets. As for tides, most anglers fish for these puppies just about an hour before high tide.Now to answer the question on how an angler should go about catching a snook. One of the most effective methods involves using live bait. Live shrimp are one of the best ways to catch them. Most fishermen attach a split shot about a foot above the shrimp in order to allow the rig to get to the bottom. Besides shrimp, another great bait is live fish. By live fish, I am talking about mullet and in fish.Many anglers also use lures to catch snook in the bays. The best snook fishing lure is the brand Mirrolures. I have had the best luck with the white plug with the orange or red head. However, just about every one of these lures works for catching snook. Anoher decent idea for a lure would be a jig. Jigs are so great because there are so many different baits that can be attached to them. Soft plastic shrimp would work great for catching snook.  Check out snook fishing