waterproof jackrabbit

04/12/2012 05:19

Question:  I have heard that the Rabbit Vibrator is one of the best vibrators on the market, but I am as inexperienced as can be when it comes to sex toys. I am keen to try one out, as my girlfriends are constantly raving on about theirs. I know it probably sounds a bit silly, but I am not exactly sure how a Rabbit works, and how to choose one as there seems to be so many. I was hoping that you could help me out.      Answer:  It's not a silly question at all; am sure there are a lot of people out there who would like to know the same thing. Let me try to help you-¦    

  One of the best things about Rabbit Vibrators is the fact that they can combine both vaginal and clitoral stimulation which makes them very popular. When using a Rampant Rabbit Vibrator, the body of the toy will vibrate inside the vagina, whilst the ears are stimulating your clit which can be an amazing sensation! The shaft will vibrate on its own or together with the ears of the Rabbit, so you can opt to use the controls separately or together. Quite a few of the Rabbits on the market today also feature rotating beads at the base which will double (or triple!) the experience! You can also adjust the speed settings to however you like it! Enjoy hours of fun trying out all the different settings and speeds on a Jack Rabbit Vibrator.      Finding the right Rabbit will be fun, and don't be afraid to get several, some girls i know have up to 10 !! There are Remote controlled Rabbits and Battery operated Rabbits so work out which one would suit you better. The waterproof rabbits are great if you enjoy spending a lot fo time relaxing in the bath! This particular toy is waterproof so can add pleasure in the bath or showeer! Silent Rabbit Vibrators are great if you have a family. Even when the kids are asleep next door, theres is no need to worry about the buzzing noise giving you away. They are discreet, yet powerful enough to enjoy hours of fun! Good luck and don't forget to share your enjoyment! You can find a great selection of Rabbit Vibrators in many great stores.  More at waterproof jackrabbit