workout for golf orange county

08/16/2012 14:56

With the game of golf constantly changing and players becoming more physically fit having the right work out regimen for golf is essential. Building the correct workouts that build strength and flexibility will create a golfer who can withstand longevity with this game. You must find a workout specialist who knows sports medicine and is able to work well and push the individual to achieving their individual goals. Details at workout for golf orange county.  Having the correct weight training, cardio and stretching routine are three fundamentals in building a program that if done regularly will create a physically sound golfer that can withstand the elements of professional golf.There are so many golfers out on the PGA Tour that just practice their swings and go through the normal day to day routine and don't implement a proper work out plain. Creating the right weight training plain into your day is so important in professional golf and for the golf swing because it creates strength within your swing. Increasing your distance with your shot will enable the game to become easier and more fun. Creating more strength brings confidence within one self and their golf game.Cardio is another workout component that is largely over looked. I know for myself when I was playing in college at San Diego State University I was running an hour a day four days a week. Most competitive division one programs always have their players run because they always play 36 holes on the first day. Programs and coaches always discuss how important it is to be cardio ready and be physically fit. In order to focus on your game you must not get tired but are able to focus on the task at hand.Finally, each golfer needs to be stretching on a regular basis, before and after their rounds. So many injuries happen on the golf course because of improper warm up. Stretching is an important part of having a proper warm up routine. I recommend stretching lower back, hamstrings and shoulders. Doing a light 15 min stretching will drastically eliminate possible injury.Golf is a game that takes the correct insight on having your body be physically ready to preform on the golf course. Being physically fit you need to have the proper weight training requirements, cardio and stretching in order to decrease injury and focus on the tasks at hand. Not only is the physical toughness important mentally but is needed to compete at the highest levels.    For details please click this link.